Throughout its growth journey, Hengdian Group has maintained a steadfast commitment to its core corporate values. Beginning with a vision of “More Business, More Profit, and More Benefits to the People,” the company transitioned to “Co-Creation, Common Prosperity.” Today, we champion the ethos of “Rooted in Hengdian, Embrace the World, and be the Premier Socially Responsible Enterprise.” These guiding principles have shaped our development strategy, emphasizing asset-driven growth, value creation, and community enrichment. Our goal is to celebrate our achievements by giving back to our community.

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Public Works

Hengdian Group has invested in local infrastructure, public services, education and healthcare facilities since 1980s. We have invested over 10 billion CNY over the decades to build the city into a better home for all. We invested in public roads, river management, greenification, cultural amenities, as well as barren land reclamation. Apart from these major projects, we also operate a wastewater treatment plant, thermal power plant, waterworks and subsidized public transport. In addition, we set up a secondary grade A general hospital and invested in education, building kindergartens, primary, secondary schools as well as universities. We also built the Hengdian General Airport and advocated for and led in the application for approval of the Hangzhou-Wenzhou High-Speed Railway construction.

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Hengdian Group has been engaging in philanthropy for a long time and regards it as an integral part of its social responsibility. We donated materials and funds when China was suffering from major flooding, earthquakes, and COVID-19 pandemic. We supported the country’s old revolutionary regions through both investing and donating in local industries. We answered the call of the government in its targeted poverty alleviation program by providing charity donations, volunteering services in community building, education assistance as well as medical and health service. In 2021, the government recognized our efforts and awarded us with the honorable title of “National Role Model in Poverty Alleviation.”

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Fighting COVID-19

At the beginning of 2020, faced with the imminent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Hengdian Group immediately set up an epidemic response team to plan for a full frontal control of the pandemic. We made direct donations of 22 million CNY to the Red Cross Society of China Hubei Branch and Zhejiang Branch. At the same time, we directed our units to dedicate their efforts to use their respective expertise to combat the pandemic. We increased our production capacities to deliver the necessary medical supplies and equipment, we adjusted production to meet the demand for daily necessities, we stayed in our medical capacities to safeguard the health of our people, we answered the call of the government and rushed to assist at the frontline in Hubei.