Apeloa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

SZSE: 000739

Apeloa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. It is a pharmaceutical industry platform of Hengdian Group, with the highest value of the top 100 listed companies in China. The second batch of "Eagle Actions" in Zhejiang Province. It specialises in crude drug (API), contract R & D, production service (CDMO) and preparation (FDF) business, and its products involve cardiovascular, anti-infection, spiritual, anti-tumour fields and other treatment fields. The production base is located in Zhejiang Dongyang, Shandong Weifang, Anhui Dongzhi, Zhejiang Quzhou.

The company implements the development strategy of "making fine raw materials, making CDMO stronger and making preparation with good quality", and is committed to becoming a leading enterprise of China's scientific and technological pharmaceutical manufacturing, with about 5% of the company's annual R&D investment. It has established a API technology centre, CDMO R&D centre (Hengdian and Shanghai), Apeloa Medicine Research Institute (Hangzhou) has created a number of leading technology platforms in China and even the world. There are more than 600 kinds of R&D and technicians, including special experts, "Shuanglong scholars" and doctors with rich overseas work experience, of whom more than 40 have initially formed a research and development talent echelon, and a research and development talent echelon has been preliminarily formed, and a relevant biological, chemical and engineering technology platform has been established with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Institute of Technology and Zhejiang University of Technology.