We are an organisation that seeks, creates and makes the best out of all development opportunities in a transient environment. Our success lies in our ability to efficiently allocate all our resources, strive to reap big rewards for our people as well as contributing back to the society in all ways. Although challenging and risky, it is a business that brings a great sense of fulfillment. Hengdian is a group that is highly motivated to persevere and strive for excellence.
In 1975, Hengdian Group took its first step by establishing Hengdian Silk Factory in straitened circumstances.
Present: Today, in a stable economic environment whereby there is increasing social and financial benefits, Hengdian Group has positioned its primary focus as an industrial enterprise, as well as providing coordination in film industry and other new potential fields.
Future: A brand-new, internationalized Hengdian Group to be presented to the world.
For the past decades, we have been earnestly seeking and creating opportunities. Even when the path ahead is long and undulating, we persevere on without giving up. This we strive, not for individual comfort and wealth, but for the prosperity of the whole. This fighting spirit is the driving force for Hengdian Group to advance from the past, to the present and into the near future.

We are sincere and genuine in building long-term relationships with local and international counterparts. As a trustworthy and reliable partner, we work hand in hand with you to create a brighter future.


Xu Yong'an
Hengdian Group Holdings Limited

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